Best Alcohol Gift Ideas

Alcohol gifts are usually our go-to option for any wine, beer or cocktail enthusiast. There are plenty of novelty alcohol gifts out there on the market, but the best alcohol gifts are ones they’ll actually use!

This is where the Puc’n Glass comes in. Designed out of the need for a solid, well-built wine and beer glass that resists breakage, the Puc’n Glass features an official 6 oz hockey puck base that makes it less prone to tipping and wobbling. Each glass base is custom-drilled for a perfect fit so you can trust Puc’n Glass to hold every drop of your precious drink.

Any beverage lover will appreciate the convenience and style of a Puc’n Glass gift for the big game, everyday use or for enjoying their favourite beverage outdoors. Many Puc’n Glass users quickly find that it becomes their go-to glassware for drinks of all kinds!

Novelty Alcohol Gifts

Puc’n Glass is the perfect drinkware gift for alcohol aficionados everywhere. Sports fan or otherwise, the high-quality construction and sturdy base of each glass means they won’t tip over and don’t require a coaster. These glasses are dishwasher safe, made of craft beer glass and etched with the fun Puc’n Glass logo to remind drinkers to say, “Fill up my Puc’n Glass!” each time they need a refill.

If you’re looking for unique and useful alcohol gift ideas, look no further than Puc’n Glass. Buy yours online today.