A Truly Unique Gift 

There are plenty of funny beer gifts on the market, but none make a greater – or more hilarious – gift than the Puc’n Glass. There’s no denying it – the name of our glass is fun to say. Whether you say, “Pass me my Puc’n Glass” or “Fill up my Puc’n Glass”, the lucky recipient of your gift will never tire of this play on words.

Puc’n Glass gets its name from its unique hockey puck base, which is not only decorative, but functional too! The official 6-ounce hockey puck is a great addition to this funny beer gift, making it appealing to sports fans and beer enthusiasts of all kinds. For the big game or simply a enjoying a beer with dinner, Puc’n Glass is simply the perfect glass for their favourite brew, and is a popular choice for funny drinking gifts for guys and girls alike.

Why Give Puc’n Glass as a Funny Drinking Gift?

Puc’n Glass is much more than a creative name for a funny beer gift! Unlike other novelty beer glasses, our glass is designed to be one your recipient will love to use every day. Crafted with high-quality glass, the Puc’n Glass holds up to 13.4 ounces of his or her favourite beer. Plus, it offers many other great features:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Built-in coaster
  • Resists tipping and wobbling
  • Great for outdoor or indoor use
  • Etched with the Puc’n Glass logo
  • Made in Canada

If you’re ready to give the ultimate funny drinking presents, head over to our shop and purchase your Puc’n Glasses today!