A Truly Unique Gift

Wondering how to make a beer lover’s birthday special? Get them a Puc’n Glass. Our innovative and practical craft beer glass was designed with the brew enthusiast in mind. When you need beer birthday present ideas for someone who is serious about enjoying their beer, you can’t go wrong with a glass designed to make drinking their favourite brew even better.

We created the Puc’n Glass to be a better beer glass that resists breakage and is difficult to tip or knock over. By incorporating a custom-drilled 6 oz official hockey puck as its base, this beer glass is incredibly stable, looks great and is fun to use. Each glass is etched with our logo so drinkers never forget to say, “Fill up my Puc’n Glass”!

Any beer lover is sure to enjoy using Puc’n Glasses during the big game, while enjoying a pint outdoors, on the boat or simply for everyday use.

Why Puc’n Glass is the Ideal Beer Birthday Present

If your friend or family member has a birthday coming up and you’re looking for the best beer birthday present ideas, think Puc’n Glass! Here are just some of the reasons why beer lovers choose us:

  • Large 13.4 oz capacity
  • Made with high-quality glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Integrated coaster
  • Official hockey puck base
  • Resistant to tipping and wobbling
  • It’s great fun to say, “Fill up my Puc’n Glass”!

When you’re searching for beer birthday present ideas that are fun to both give and receive, look no further than our unique and Canadian-made Puc’n Glass, available on our online store in a convenient two-pack ready for gifting.