Puc ‘n Glass Novelty Glasses

Puc ‘n Glasses are designed for more than just sports fans – whether you enjoy beer, wine, cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages, you’ll appreciate the style and carefully considered design of the Puc ‘n Glass. Our unique novelty glasses solve two of the most common problems with traditional beer and wine glasses with one simple addition: Its custom-drilled hockey puck base not only acts as a built-in coaster, it also makes the glass hard to tip over.

This makes your Puc ‘n Glass ideal for indoor or outdoor use, on the deck, dock or anywhere you love to enjoy your favorite beverage!

Unique Novelty Beer Glasses

What makes Puc ‘n Glass different from other beer and wine glasses? Each base of our glasses is custom-drilled and fitted with an official 6oz hockey puck. The high-quality, dishwasher safe craft beer glass is etched with the Puc ‘n Glass logo, making for a fun and eye-catching drinking glass. Plus, you’ll never tire of saying, “Fill up my Puc ‘n Glass!”

Perfect for hockey lovers, beer lovers, wine lovers and more, our glasses make a fantastic and practical gift. Not only are they fun to use, they’re also sturdy to prevent tips and spills and are less prone to breakage when compared to traditional novelty wine glasses or beer glasses.

When you’re looking for a fun and unique gift for the sports fan or drink enthusiast, think Puc ‘n Glass!