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Unique Fundraising Products in Canada

The best products to sell for fundraising events are innovative, useful and unlike anything you’ve seen before! If your team or group is searching for fun things to sell for fundraisers, look no further than the Puc’n Glass.

We’re excited to offer fundraising products wholesale to groups across Canada looking to raise money for their cause with high-quality, innovative fundraising items. We think that Puc’n Glass will be a hit for your fundraiser as it is a great gift for beer drinkers, wine drinkers, hockey coaches and more. Most of all, it is a well-designed and fun-to-use glass that will have you saying, “Puc’n Glass”!

Fundraising Process

We do a bulk format of twelve (12) glasses per box to help keep costs down and increase your fundraising profits. Minimum 96 glasses. Many of our fundraisers have sold our glasses for more than our MSRP of $19.99 per glass because there is no other glass like the Puc’n Glass on the market. It is trademarked with Patent pending. As an extra bonus we will etch your team or company logo on each glass AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Fundraising Profit Example: The Hockey Team

  • Fifteen players per team.
  • Each player easily sells 24 Puc’n Glasses
  • 15 X 24 = 360 Puc’n Glasses
  • 360 X $7.50 avg profit.
  • Total funds raised for your team $2700.00

Fast, efficient and very little work. No renting halls or pubs, no golf tournament set up and trying to sell foursomes for hundreds of dollars, no extra work or finding volunteers. Simply sell the glasses on your own time, and they really do sell themselves…AND promotes your team or company for years to come!

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    What Makes Puc’n Glasses the Best Fundraising Products?

    Finding the right items to sell for fundraising can be a challenge, so Puc’n Glass is thrilled to partner with you to deliver a product that your group and your customers can get excited about. Puc’n Glass is a Canadian-made item that is much more than a fun name – it’s also a great product.

    Selling Puc’n Glass is easy as a result of its many great features. The custom-drilled, 6oz hockey puck base appeals to sports fans, while its resistance to tipping and large 13.4 oz capacity appeals to beverage drinkers of all kinds. The Puc’n Glass is also dishwasher safe and great for enjoying a drink outdoors, while on the boat or during the big game.

    To request more information on our best-selling fundraising products and to learn how your group can work with Puc’n Glass for your next fundraiser, contact us today!