A Truly Unique Gift

The problem with most novelty wine gifts on the market today is that they simply aren’t practical. Though funny novelty gifts for wine drinkers such as giant wine glasses and silly wine stoppers or charms may seem hilarious in the moment, they will soon be pushed to the back of the cupboard and will never be used again.

This is where the Puc’n Glass is different. Though it has a unique, hockey-inspired design and fun name, it was also created to be incredibly practical and functional for everyday use. Puc’n Glasses are simply great wine glasses and are sure to become the go-to glass of choice for the wine lovers you know.

The Perfect Novelty Gifts For Wine Drinkers

Made using high-quality glass and a 6 oz custom drilled hockey puck base, our glass appeals to hockey fans and wine enthusiasts of all kinds. There are many more reasons why Puc’n Glasses make excellent novelty wine gifts for any occasion – Just check out these great features!

  • Large 13.4-ounce capacity
  • Official hockey puck base
  • High-quality craft beer glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Built-in coaster
  • Made in Canada

Best of all, the Puc’n Glass is designed to be incredibly sturdy. With a puck as its base, the glass is weighted to prevent unfortunate tips and spills and be less prone to breakage compared to other types of wine glasses. This makes our glasses great for enjoying a glass of wine outdoors, while boating, or during a night in.

If you’re ready to gift the best novelty wine gifts to your wine-loving friends and family, we invite you to order your Puc’n Glasses now on our online store!