A Truly Unique Gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your hard-to-buy-for dad? For a birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas or just because, Puc’n Glass is one of the best drinking gifts for dad. If your dad loves drinking and loves hockey, we’ve got the ideal gift for you!

Whether he prefers beer or wine, cider or mixed drinks, our glasses were designed for drink enthusiasts of all kinds. Each glass holds up to 13.4 ounces of dad’s favourite beverage and is etched with the Puc’n Glass logo. This unique beer gift for dad is dishwasher safe and is sure to quickly become his drinking glass of choice for game night or a casual drink on the deck, dock or patio.

Why Your Dad Will Love Puc’n Glass

Dads love Puc’n Glass for more than just it’s good looks and hockey-inspired style. Our Puc’n Glasses are fun to drink from and are much more practical than your typical novelty alcohol gifts for dad.

With a 6oz, custom drilled hockey puck base, each high-quality craft beer glass is designed to resist tipping over. Plus, the puck acts as a built-in coaster so dad won’t accidentally leave unsightly marks on his furniture. He’ll never waste another drop of his favourite drinks again with this sturdy glass designed for beer lovers.

Best of all, dad won’t be able to resist shouting at you, “Fill up my Puc’n Glass” every time he needs a refill.

If you’re ready to get a Puc’n Glass- or better yet, two – for dad, head over and purchase yours today!