The Puc ‘n Glass journey began in 2016 and has become a must-have for not only sports fans but for all beverage enjoyers from beer drinkers to wine imbibers and mixed drink enthusiasts.

It all started when I broke the stem off my favourite and rather expensive wine glass. The bowl of the glass was intact, the stem of the glass was intact, but the base of the glass was completely gone. Why throw out a perfectly good $40 glass that had everything in place but the base?

Enter the hockey puck. Each glass base is custom drilled, fitted and adhered to an official 6oz hockey puck. Our durable, high-quality craft beer glass is etched with our Puc ‘n Glass logo and is dishwasher safe.

Why our customers love their Puc ‘n Glasses:

  • the glass does not tip easily
  • works great for all drinks
  • fabulous in outdoor conditions
  • great for boating
  • no need for a coaster
  • great for Fundraisers
  • a must have while watching ‘the game’
  • Love saying…”FILL UP MY Puc ‘n Glass

Puc ‘n Glass is truly a Family run business committed to quality products that are not only useful but fun.
Both my grown children Kristen & Jack are involved in the business as well as our good friend and marketing Guru Alexis.
Keep posted for we will be adding new products to our line up in the near future.

Craig Cats
Puc ‘n Glass