A Truly Unique Gift

Funny wine gifts are a classic present idea for wine enthusiasts of all kinds. While funny gifts for wine lovers typically include wine glasses with silly sayings, oversized glasses, wine stoppers or corkscrews, we think it’s time you gave a gift that is both funny and practical.

That’s where the Puc’n Glass comes in. We’re much more than a creative and fun-to-say name – we’ve also designed a wine glass that is truly great for enjoying your favourite beverage. Puc ‘n glasses are the innovative wine glass that incorporate an official 6 oz hockey puck as their base to enhance their style and improve their function.

Each glass is fitted with a custom-drilled puck to add stability, making the Puc’n Glass more resistant to tips and accidental spills than traditional wine glasses. Plus, the puck acts as a built-in coaster to stop condensation from ruining your furniture.

Best of all, our glasses have a fun name, making them the ultimate funny gifts for wine drinkers. Don’t forget to remind the recipient of your gift to say, “Fill up my Puc’n Glass”!

Puc’n Glass: Great Gag Gifts for Wine Lovers

In addition to its eye-catching looks and memorable name, each Puc’n Glass is designed with these features to enhance the wine drinking experience:

  • Large 13.4 oz capacity
  • Integrated coaster
  • Made with high-quality craft glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Etched with the Puc’n Glass logo

For birthdays, holidays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, housewarming gifts and more, we think our glasses are fantastic wine gag gifts for any occasion. Order a 2-pack of our Canadian-made Puc’n Glass on our online store today, and give funny wine gifts to friends, family, or anyone who enjoys a glass of wine.