A Truly Unique Gift

If you’re shopping for a beer-loving lady in your life, you can’t go wrong with the ultimate craft beer glass. Beer gifts for her should be eye-catching yet practical, and the Puc’n Glass manages to do both in a single package!

Dishwasher safe and designed to last, Puc’n Glasses are etched with our logo, reminding her to say, “Fill up my Puc’n Glass” with every refill! Each glass also uses a custom-drilled hockey puck as its base, adding stability and style to the 13.4 oz beer glass while acting as a convenient built-in coaster.

Whether she’s a hockey fan or a beer lover, she’s sure to enjoy this thoughtful beer gift that will quickly become her glassware of choice for any brew.

Why Puc’n Glass is the Ideal Beer Gift for Her

The elegant design of the Puc’n Glass makes it the perfect beer gift for her. Made using high-quality glass and a custom drilled hockey puck base, our glass appeals to hockey fans and beer lovers alike. She’ll love using the Puc’n Glass to enjoy her favourite beer during the big game or a girls’ night in. The solid 6-oz official puck base also makes it an ideal glass for use when boating our outdoors, as it is incredibly stable and resists tipping over.

When you choose Puc’n Glass as a beer gift for her, don’t forget to remind her to shout, “Fill up my Puc’n Glass!” when it’s time to refill her drink!

Grab the best beer gifts for her today with a 2-pack of the innovative Canadian-made Puc’n Glass, available on our online store.