A Truly Unique Gift

When you’re looking to show your favourite goalie just how much you appreciate all his or her great saves, look no further than the Puc’n Glass. For beer and wine drinkers alike, these eye-catching glasses make the perfect hockey goalie gifts. Etched with the fun-to-say Puc’n Glass name and featuring a hockey puck at its base, this glass will definitely be a conversation starter from the moment your gift is unwrapped.

Instead of getting your goalie more gear this year, give them a unique gift that they’ll enjoy using every day! Puc’n Glasses are great for parties and events, watching the game, or even for everyday use. Hockey fans tell us that Puc’n Glass has become their go-to glass to enjoy any type of beverage, at home, at the cottage or on the boat.

Why Puc’n Glasses Make Great Hockey Goalie Gifts

Your goalie will love receiving these high-quality drinking glasses designed especially for hockey fans. Puc n’ Glass was created to be extremely sturdy with its 6 oz custom-drilled official hockey puck base. The puck not only looks great, but also adds stability to the glass and acts as a convenient built-in coaster. The Puc’n Glass is also dishwasher safe and made using durable glass so no hand washing is required.

Celebrate your team’s hard-working goalie with the perfect hockey goalie gifts, a 2-pack of our Canadian-made Puc’n Glass! Order your gift today on our online store.