Do you have a valued employee or colleague who is retiring soon? They have worked hard and deserve a useful and fun gift that they will use again and again. Give them a Puc’n Glass and they will be sure to treasure it as you have treasured your time working with them. A Puc’n Glass is the perfect retirement occasion gift for a hockey, beer or wine lover and will quickly become the favorite glass in their cupboard. Don’t waste your money on a knickknack that they will just throw away. A Puc’n Glass is made with high quality glass that looks great and is incredibly versatile. Give your retiring employee the most unique retirement gift around. Be the best boss or coworker and give them a Puc’n Glass today!

Product Features

A Puc’n Glass looks sleek and fun with it’s unique novelty design. But it’s more than just good looks. Your retiring employee with love its functionality. With a 6oz hockey puck attached at it’s base a Puc’n Glass won’t slip or tip making it the ultimate outdoor glass for boating or cottages. It doesn’t need a coaster and won’t leave rings on your table like a typical wine glass. The built in coaster makes it the most convenient glass ever. You won’t ever have a cluttered coffee table again. A Puc’n Glass is sturdy and made of high quality glass. It feels great in your hand and is perfect for any beverage. You can also wash it in the dishwasher making it the most convenient and easy to care for glass you could own.


Honor your retiring employee or colleague by personalizing a Puc’n Glass just for them. We can accommodate your retiree’s name, years of service, company logo or sentimental message etched into our high quality glass. Contact us today for a quote or order your retirement gifts today!