A Truly Unique Gift

Many grooms choose to give their best man a thoughtful gift to show how much he appreciates their friendship and loyalty. One of the most traditional presents are best man alcohol gifts so you can celebrate the occasion with a special toast. While flasks, shot glasses and alcohol are common gifts, you can stand out by gifting your best man a truly unique gift with Puc’n Glass.

Your beer-loving best man will appreciate a carefully designed craft beer glass that appeals to his passion for beer and sports at the same time. The Puc’n Glass features a custom-drilled hockey puck as its base to make it highly functional and fun to use while watching the big game, enjoying the outdoors, boating or at the cottage. Anywhere you like to have a beer in hand, you can use a Puc’n Glass!

Unique Best Man Alcohol Gifts

If you’re looking for a beer-related gift for your best man, why not give him something he can use everyday? Puc’n Glasses are meant to be great drinking glasses for beer, cocktails, wine or any other beverage you can think of. He’ll love the eye-catching look of our glasses and will never get tired of saying, “Fill up my Puc’n Glass!”

Here’s why we think the Puc’n Glass is a great beer glass for your best man:

  • Official 6 oz hockey puck base
  • Integrated coaster
  • Holds up to 13.4 oz of any drink
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made with quality craft beer glass
  • Resistant to tipping and wobbling
  • Made in Canada

Order a set of Puc’n Glasses for your beer-loving best man today! Find all our best man alcohol gifts in our online store.