A Truly Unique Gift

Searching for wine gift ideas? Wine enthusiasts will have their favorite type of glass to drink from, but what if you could give a wine glass gift that was truly different from the rest?

Enter Puc’n Glass, the useful and unique gift for wine drinkers. Sports fan or wine fan, your recipient will appreciate the practicality and style of the Puc’n Glass for all their drinking needs.

Why Puc’n Glass Makes Great Gifts for Wine Drinkers

Wine drinkers agree that Puc’n Glass is simply the best glass for enjoying wine! Unlike traditional wine glasses that can be fragile and prone to tipping or are easily knocked over, the Puc’n Glass offers a much sturdier solution. The 6oz hockey puck base gives added weight to the glass, making it very difficult to accidentally tip over. Your Puc’n Glass will not topple over, so you can avoid messy wine spills – and most importantly, prevent good wine from going to waste!

Its hockey puck base also functions as a built-in coaster, preventing buildup of condensation at the bottom of the glass. Puc’n Glass protects your furniture from moisture damage and pesky rings made by the bottom of regular wine glasses.

Constructed using high-quality glass, these glasses are durable and ideal for everyday use. Our glasses are also dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. No more hand washing your wine glasses. Simply put your Puc’n Glass in the dishwasher and let it do the hard work.

Available in a convenient two-pack, the Puc’n Glass is a wonderful wine-themed gift for anyone looking for a well-designed wine glass that lasts. Whether you are shopping for wine gifts for friends and family or for yourself, Puc’n Glass will soon become a favorite glass for any occasion.