A Truly Unique Gift

Truly unique gifts can be hard to find, especially for beer or wine lovers who likely already have plenty of drinking accessories. But what if you could give them an innovative, fun-to-use glass that will quickly become their new favourite?

Puc’n Glass is the perfect gift for drink lovers of any kind, for any occasion. This eye-catching glass is sure to be a conversation starter when used at your recipient’s next gathering. The 6 oz custom-drilled hockey puck base not only makes this a wonderful gift for sports fans but also drinkers looking for a sturdy glass that resists tipping and spills.

Why Puc’n Glass Makes a Great Gift

Puc’n Glass is designed to be a practical beer, wine or mixed drink glass for anyone who wants to enjoy their beverage in style. Made using high-quality craft beer glass, each glass features a sturdy official hockey puck base. This base helps keep the Puc’n Glass stable and acts as a built-in coaster to protect furniture. Puc’n Glasses are also dishwasher safe and designed to last.

You don’t have to be a hockey lover to love Puc’n Glass. Wine and beer enthusiasts of all ages enjoy our glasses for everyday use, special occasions, outdoor use, at the cottage or on the boat. Puc’n Glass is much more than your typical novelty glassware gift: In fact, many recipients prefer it to their usual wine glass or beer glass.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a housewarming, birthday, father’s day or any other occasion, think Puc’n Glass! Order yours online today.