A Truly Unique Gift

Tired of the same old hockey related gift ideas? Jerseys, t-shirts and memorabilia can get old quickly, so why not opt for a more interesting hockey gift idea this year?

When you’re out of gift ideas for hockey lovers, Puc’n Glass is here to save the day. Practical and unique, Puc’n Glasses are a fun present for the hockey fan in your life. These stylish drink glasses feature an official 6-ounce hockey puck as their base, making them the perfect drinkware for sports fans of all ages.

Good gifts for hockey lovers should be able to be enjoyed not only during the big game, but in the off-season as well. For beer, wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage drinkers, Puc’n Glass is sure to quickly become their favourite hockey gift!

Why Puc’n Glasses Make Unique Hockey Gifts

Puc’n Glasses are cool hockey gift ideas and are an excellent conversation starter at hockey-related gatherings. From their fun-to-say name to their official hockey puck base, when you give Puc’n Glass, you’re giving them something they’ve never seen before.

Dishwasher safe and designed with quality craft beer glass, each Puc’n Glass is built to last and holds 13.4 ounces of any beverage. Its weighted puck base acts as an integrated coaster and prevents unfortunate tips and spills. This makes our glasses ideal for use indoors, outdoors, while boating or poolside as it won’t get knocked or blown over.

When gifting Puc’n Glass, don’t forget to remind your hockey fan to shout, “Fill up my Puc’n Glass!”

Get a two pack of Puc’n Glasses now for the best hockey gift available online!