A Truly Unique Gift

Want to celebrate the end of a great season with a special gift for your coach? It can be hard to come up with hockey coach or hockey manager gift ideas that are original, practical, and won’t end up collecting dust or get tucked away in a cupboard somewhere. The perfect gift ideas for coaches are hockey related but are also something they can enjoy in their everyday lives.

This is what makes Puc’n Glass one of the great gift ideas for hockey coaches. Designed to appeal to sports fans and beverage enthusiasts alike with its innovative hockey puck base, Puc’n Glass is an excellent way to honour your favourite coach or manager.

Great Gift Ideas for Hockey Coaches

Puc’n Glasses are one of the top hockey coach gift ideas because they not only look great, but they work great too! For beer, wine or any other beverage, drinkers love the fun style and functionality of the Puc’n Glass. Each glass holds up to 13.4 oz of your chosen beverage, is dishwasher safe and solidly built. The 6 oz, custom-drilled official puck base acts as an integrated coaster and also gives weight to the glass, making it unlikely to tip over and cause spills.

Your hockey coach will love using their gift during the big game, in the backyard, on the boat and anywhere else they usually enjoy their favourite drink. On top of all the reasons why Puc’n Glass is an excellent beer or wine glass, it’s also great fun to ask your friends to “Fill up my Puc’n Glass” when you need a refill!

To get your hands on the perfect coaches gift ideas for hockey lovers, add a Puc’n Glass to your cart!