Are you clients big hockey fans? Or maybe they just love beer and wine? No matter what they are into a Puc’n Glass is one of the most unique corporate gift ideas for clients that you will find! Not only are Puc’n Glass novelty glasses fun, they are also high quality and practical making them client gifts that your clients actually want! Don’t waste your time and money on small trinkets that your clients won’t ever use. Get them a Puc’n Glass and it will be sure to become one of their most useful gift’s they have ever received. Be the best gift giver around. Choose Puc’n Glass for your client gifts this holiday season!

Why Choose Puc’n Glass

A Puc’n Glass stands out for its unique and interesting design but your clients will love it for its unmatched functionality. With a 6oz hockey puck attached to the bottom, your Puc’n Glass won’t ever need a coaster. Forget about awkward rings left behind by a typical glass and don’t clutter your tabletops with coasters. No matter where you take your Puc’n Glass it will always have the perfect built in coaster. A Puc’n Glass wont tip over and is perfect for outdoor entertaining, you can even take it on a boat! A Puc’n Glass is sturdy and made with high quality glass making it an ideal gift.


With its fun design and amazing functionality, you know that a Puc’n Glass makes great corporate gifts for clients. Take your gift to the next level by having your corporate logo or custom design etched into your glass. Contact us to learn more about custom Puc n’ Glasses and bulk orders. Our glasses are available in convenient two packs that make them perfect for giving. Order your client gifts today and become their most favourite business to work with!