Gifts for Beer Lovers

Tired of the same old novelty beer gifts for the brew lovers in your life? Puc’n Glass is a practical and fun beer-themed gift that is designed with hockey fans in mind. Whether you’re shopping for a sports fan or not, all beer lovers will appreciate an excellent glass carefully crafted to enhance the drinking experience.

A single or pair of Puc’n Glasses make a wonderful, quality beer gift idea for a birthday, Father’s Day, wedding or any other type of celebration!

Why Puc’n Glass is Great for Beer Lovers

Puc’n Glass is more than just your average beer glass. Made with high-quality craft beer glass and etched with the Puc’n Glass logo, each glass features a custom-drilled 6oz hockey puck base. This makes for an eye-catching beer glass and also makes this a functional and unique beer gift.

The official puck base of the Puc’n Glass adds weight and stability to your beer glass, making it unlikely to tip or wobble. Beer lovers won’t have to worry about spilling a drop of their favourite beverage when they set this glass down. Plus, no coaster is necessary with the Puc’n Glass: the puck acts as a coaster to prevent condensation from damaging your furniture.

Dishwasher safe and with a 13.4 oz capacity, Puc’n Glasses are perfect for parties and events, watching the big game or just enjoying a beer at home. Don’t forget to tell your beer lover to say, “Fill up my Puc’n Glass”!

If you are ready to get your hands on the best beer gifts online, add a Puc’n Glass to your cart!