On the hunt for the most unique and fun gift for your employees? Puc’n Glass is the most unique and practical gift that your employees will love to receive! Don’t waste your time with another useless gift that no one wants. A Puc’n Glass will quickly become the most used glass in your employees cupboard and they will be sure to appreciate the thought put into our fun and functional glasses.

Why Choose Puc’n Glass

A Puc’n Glass stands out because of it’s fun design but it is loved for its practicality and function. When you choose to gift your employees a Puc’n Glass you give them a unique gift with unmatched performance. Puc’n Glass are durable, tip, resistant and don’t need a coaster making them the perfect glass for any beverage.

Made from high quality and durable glass our Puc’n Glass, glasses are great for everyday use. Use it for beer, wine or cocktails or any non-alcoholic beverage. No need to fuss around with handwashing. The Puc’n Glass can be washed in a dishwasher making it convenient too.
A stand out feature of the Puc’n Glass is that the puc acts as a built-in coaster. You won’t have to clutter your coffee table with endless coasters. Use a Puc’n Glass to help protect your furniture from moisture damage as prevent unsightly rings being left behind.


Give your Puc’n Glass a more personal touch by adding your company’s logo, employees name, or shift block to make it the perfect staff appreciation gift. We are able to etch your design into a Puc’n Glass to provide you with a beautiful personalized product. Your staff will love seeing the detail and effort put into your unique gifts for employees.

We can accommodate any size business and are one of the best employee gift ideas around. Gift your employees one of our convenient two packs of Puc’n Glasses and help them to relax and unwind off the job. You will love the look of your corporate logo or personalized employee gift on our Puc’n Glasses.

Order Your Sets Today

Order your sets today or contact us for bulk orders on the perfect employee gift. We know that a Puc’n Glass will be your employees most loved Christmas gift. Choose a truly unique gift for your office staff this year. Make a Puc’n Glass your first choice for employee Christmas gifts or employee recognition gifts!