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The Best Winter Beers of 2018

By October 28, 2018 November 6th, 2018 Beer
best winter beers of 2018

Winter is a great time to be a beer drinker. Many Canadian brewers will craft seasonal beers for your enjoyment during the winter months. Whether or not you will personally enjoy them or gift them to a beer lover, there are a lot of options to choose from. But, if you are new to beer drinking you may be confused by the large selections of beers available to you.

When trying to choose the perfect beer to drink in winter, you should consider what you already know you like but also not be afraid to branch out and try something new. We have some helpful suggestions on how to pick a great winter beer that will make you the star of any holiday party. Don’t forget to pair your beer with a unique Christmas gift when attending a holiday party.

Try A Local Beer

Your first stop on the hunt for the best winter beers of 2018 should be a local brewery. Many local brewers will offer speciality beers for the winter but will also be able to help you choose the right beer for you. By going to a local brewery, you will not only be able to ask questions, but you will likely be able to try before you buy!

If you’re not sure where to find craft beers in your area you can check out a list of craft brewers by using a directory. Ontario Craft Brewers provides a directory of brewers within Ontario like Brock St. Brewing Company, that has great winter beers like the Belgian Brun. Check out your local brewers and find out what they have in store for Winter 2018. Supporting local brewers is always a great idea!

Try A Dark Beer

When the weather gets cooler we crave comfort more than refreshment. Why not consider trying a dark beer such as a Stout, Dark Lager, or even a Dark Ale. These are all common types of beer that can be found at crafter brewers and chain beer stores alike.

If you don’t think you would like a dark beer, consider looking for alternatives to what you usually try. The Beer Store provides a list of different types of beers and explains their differences. Consider changing up your refreshing summer beer for something a little fuller bodied in the winter.

Get Social

If you’re still not sure what the best winter beer is for you why not get out and try as many as you can. Go to your favourite local establishments to see what selections they are offering during the winter months. Allow them to help you pair a great meal with a great winter beer. Chefs are always on the lookout for great beer. Let them do the legwork for you. They may even be able to suggest a Christmas gift idea for hockey fans.

If you’re looking for things to do in the winter, consider attending a craft beer festival or event in your area. Many brewers will participate in events that allow you to learn about their beers and give you the chance to try them too. You’ll also have a great time trying new beers all day! Winter Brewfest is sure to be a great place to find the best beers of winter!


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